We have assembled people who know the senior care models in various parts of the world including the UK, Africa and Asia. This panel will allow us to dive into what is different, what is working for them and what their challenges are.

The objective is to get us all thinking outside of our “U.S” box and learn from other cultures and models.

We are honored to have the following people share their experiences, knowledge, and perspectives from across the globe.

Simon Lofts hails from England and has a passion for leaving a mark on the world in two areas: aging and homelessness. He is driven by creating change for the better and isn’t interested in wasting time doing it. You’ll enjoy his sense of humor, his wit, and his stories about how older adults and aging are managed and viewed in England and Ireland.


Izabela Lundberg has a dynamic worldview after living in six countries, speaking six languages, traveling to over 40 countries, and working with diverse teams from over 80 countries. She has lived through genocide, torture and war trauma starting in her childhood home, Yugoslavia, and is a catalyst of sustainable solutions for global leaders and their most pressing challenges.

MimiMimi Saito lived in a refugee camp in Thailand where she taught for three years. Seeing the need for medical staff, Mimi assisted in the Medical Clinic doing everything from delivering babies to medication distribution. She worked as a caretaker and restaurant worker in the U.S. while learning English and volunteering in the community. Mimi speaks Thai, Burmese, and Karen (pronounced KUH-REN). Her enthusiasm, leadership, and expertise has been invaluable for the doctors, nurses, social workers, clinicians and others who also serve members of various Asian and Pacific-Islander communities for over 8 years at Asian Pacific Development Center.

Marisela ParraguezMirasela, is the Project Manager of the Immigrant and Refugee Economic Development Initiative. She has 16 years of experience developing and managing projects with high economic and social impact, including experience managing a portfolio of projects/grants for and with Latin American and Caribbean countries. Prior to joining the WTC, Marisela was with the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington DC, working on competitiveness, technology and innovation projects with the public, private, and academic sectors in those countries. Previously, she was part of the team who developed the High-Technology Foreign Investment Promotion Program, the first program ever in Chile designed specifically for investment attraction, and promoted Chile to companies looking to outsource back-office and call center operations abroad. Marisela is native of Chile and she holds a Master of Public Management from the University of Maryland and an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering.  She is Fluent in Spanish and English.